Friday Flash Fiction

24 08 2007

This story has moved. Read it here:

by Neil Beynon

In the beginning there was darkness.

Dude you’re weird.

Now it’s just dark. I can remember before it happened, I shouldn’t be able to surely – can you?

I can remember before I was born.

This story has moved. Read it here:


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9 responses

24 08 2007
Gareth D Jones

I think it’s brilliant how each week I can spot similarities between the FFF entries. This week we both have an Adam.

I thought the last word being on its own came across as particularly powerful.

24 08 2007

Thanks Gareth. Yes it’s funny how things run together – it’s particularly wierd when they happen in the same week.

Maybe we should theme it one week and see what we all come up with?

24 08 2007

A themed week would be fun, yes!

24 08 2007
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24 08 2007
Paul Raven

Themed weeks sound good to me – my biggest problem is choosing an idea to work on, and that would remove that particular impediment to my progress.

My only criticism here (and it’s one that I might be shouted down for) is that I think Every74’s messenger entries should have had a smidgen more txt spk for authenticity – though obviously not so much that it became like the horrors that are YouTube comment threads!

24 08 2007

Paul – thanks for the feedback and yes I think that’s a fair comment. Good call.

24 08 2007
Martin McGrath

I like this one too. Neil’s stories seem to get better each week.

I like the theme idea too.

24 08 2007

A themed week sounds good to me, too.

24 11 2007
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