Friday Flash Fiction: Clockwork Songs

28 12 2007

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Another experiment, apologies if it’s too obvious or trite:

Clockwork Songs
By Neil Beynon

I went down to the glass river to sit on the lost walls and watch the swollen star melt night’s blanket from the ground. As I looked on a clockwork sparrow spun me a yarn from the song of the world. Sparrows sing the blues best, that tiny creature wrung me out and hung me up to dry in the winter sun.

It sang of the shield maiden Ásmóð falling in the mountain lands of the blind and aged Lord of War. Struck down by the Witch King in his exile. The creature lamented on the land’s grief and rage as the bards went from town to town with the tidings, brother turned on brother, sister on sister, claw on claw. The mountains turned ruby with it and the Witch King rose secure in his mountain fortress.

This post has moved. You can read the full story here:

Friday Flash Fiction: 2007 Top Five

28 12 2007

There will be a new Friday Flash Fiction (called Clockwork Songs) in the next few hours, probably around 2pm. So stay tuned.

I was looking at my Friday Flash Fiction page today, thumbing through old stories and I realised I’d written over 25 of the buggers. That’s one a week for pretty much half the year. Anyway, in the spirit of end of the year round ups and because I’m a huge fan of High Fidelity, here’s my top five in no particular order:

1. Cliché - My feelings on this one, like the story itself, are bittersweet. On the one hand it got a very good reaction from everyone and, on the other, everytime I reread it the piece just doesn’t sound like me but another writer, even though at its core it’s about an event that happened to me. That most people like it is a bonus really it was just therapy.

2. The Ghost in the Glass – This was the first FFF where I thought it was good, if a little long and people seemed to agree with me. At some point it’ll be turned into something a bit bigger.

3. Dear Sarah – This was a themed week and I wrote two pieces that I couldn’t decide on. Time and the warm response it received leads me to believe this is the stronger piece. Although I still like the other entry.

4. When I was Bad – This one got mixed reactions. I like it because it was the first faerie story I wrote where my test reader went “Wow” and quite frankly I live for that reaction. Sad but true.

5. Because – This entry began with a probably ill-advised rant that may have distracted from the story slightly. I took some characters from another story I wrote and spun them on ten years, I was pleased with the result and the story went down well.

Truthfully I like all of my FFF in some way or I wouldn’t have spent time on them and certainly wouldn’t have shared them with anyone else. It’s been fun. And I’ve met, virtually anyway, some really nice, talented writers along the way:

Shaun C. Green
Gareth D. Jones
Martin McGrath
Dan Pawley
Justin Pickard
Gareth Lyn Powell
Paul Raven

See you in a couple of hours for Clockwork Songs.


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