Friday Flash Fiction: Eyes

11 01 2008

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By Neil Beynon

She broke my heart.

No not like that. I’m not completely naive, it’s just you pay for a service and you expect it to be done properly, to standard. You pay the kind of money I did, you expect gold standard.

Not this squalid indignity. My recovery beacon’s been going for hours now. It’s only a matter of time and they’ll be banging down the door. Sure it’ll be embarrassing. The leopard skin was obviously a mistake as were the chains, not that I could move now if I wanted to.

All I really wanted was the experience. Not much to ask really? And well, it’s illegal isn’t it – to not tell them and once you have well it’s adios amigo, get yourself gone Ron, etc, etc. So I saved. And I saved. And ok I made a small robbery – low risk, they just give you an inhibitor for a while – no terminations.

This post has moved. You can see the full post here:

Mining Jupiter

11 01 2008

Constant readers of the blog, the happy few, will recall I placed a story, The Mine, with Jupiter SF magazine. It was intended to be included in Issue 19 but I have just heard that unfortunately it’s been moved to Issue 20 (April).

Needless to say I’ll let you know when it does eventually go into print.

But you don’t get off the hook that easy. Oh no. You should still either subscribe to Jupiter or purchase issue 19 because a) it usually features some great writing and b) as proof of point A issue 19 does include a story – Roadwalker – by fellow Friday Flash Fictioneer Gareth D. Jones.

And that’s all I have to say for now. Hope you enjoy my FFF.


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