Friday Flash Fiction: Quantum Cigars

9 05 2008

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Here goes. Feedback is welcome.

Quantum Cigars
By Neil Beynon

There was no sound. This was marginally disappointing but not unexpected. Simply changing the quantum frequency to allow his enhanced eyes a view of the multiverse was difficult enough; the power required astonishing. The artificial star he was using to do this pulsed within its containment field, or rather the artificial stars pulsed, counterparts visible, each slightly off centre with the other arcing into forever – a migraine inducing distortion. The seeker didn’t want to consider what would be required to allow sound.

The seeker looked round at his counterparts who had also made the journey. They filled the room, the building and even out into the town – as far as they could get from the distortion field before they vanished. In the process had he created dozens more that did not move? He knew that there were almost certainly counterparts that had not made the journey and counterparts for whom the experiment had failed. Had those counterparts always existed or would they have never existed if he had decided to explore the world of taxidermy instead? Mathematically he suspected they’d always existed but philosophers…well they always argued.

This post has moved. You can read it in full here:

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