Mint Royale

9 10 2008

More comedy. Noel Fielding (whom I once nearly killed by accident – no lie) in the Mint Royale “Blue Song” video.


9 10 2008

I’m quite tired and so I’ll keep this short.*

The bound proofs of The Scarred God arrived today. I have to say, in spite of a couple self-inflicted errors, I’m quite pleased with how they came out, I know these are just a more practical, cost effective way of running off copies of the manuscript for test readers but it’s really nice to hold something tangible.

Anyway, I was really very impressed with and it proved quite a bit cheaper than printing out the A4 manuscript that was being used at the beginning. Here’s a dodgy webcam image:

The cover is from art by Tom Loback on a GNU free license. I have not used it for commercial purposes.

* Just to be clear I haven’t decided to self-publish, this merely represents the easiest medium for my test readers to review the text. It was this or five A4 bricks of 350 pages. Should TSG sell you’ll be the second (after G) to know.**

** Unlikely but you never know.***

*** I should really go to bed.


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