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29 10 2008

- An earthquake in Pakistan kills at least 170 people
– Suicide bombers attack Northern Somalia killing 31 (and targeting amongst others the UN)
– Congo rebels close in on Goma and the UN Secretary General warns of a humanitarian crisis of “Catastrophic dimensions”
– Following an alleged US helicopter attack in Syria there are reports the US embassy in Damascus may close
– David Banchflower (member of the UK MPC) has a pop at his colleagues for not reducing interest rates sooner
– UK Chancellor Alistair Darling relaxes “fiscal rules” paving the way for the British Government to attempt to “spend” its way out of trouble it caused by encouraging easy credit and poor regulation

And what does our great British media lead with:

Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross behaving badly (BUT ‘FESS UP AND APOLOGISE)

Front page or lead story on: BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, London Metro, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Reuters UK, ITV news, Sky News and even newsnight.

AND guess which of the above stories our Prime Minister chooses to comment on?

Yes that’s right. In a time of unprecedented (if you had your head up your arse for the last twelve months) financial turmoil, and arguably a crushing indictment of his ten years as chancellor, Gordon Brown decides to weigh in on the issue that really matters:

Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross behaving badly (BUT ‘FESS UP AND APOLOGISE)

One can only imagine he’s watching their apologies carefully in order to match his own apology to all the people nearing retirement whom will now have to work until their seventies to heat their homes and service their negative equity. Good to see you have your finger on the pulse there Gordon.

Makes yer proud to be British don’t it?

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2 responses

30 10 2008

I thought this was a very interesting way of engaging this topic. It really hits home how ridiculous this whole thing is. Much better than me just going on a little tirade…

31 10 2008

yepyep i was sayin, well shoutin the same thing wen wotchin the news earlier, the country has actually gone mad!

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