3 11 2008

I’ve not had some weird breakdown that has me spouting out numbers randomly on my blog.

Tomorrow, in addition to some bigger event you may have heard about, California will be voting on Proposition 8 and I am joining a bunch of bloggers based in the US and elsewhere in calling on free thinking Californians to get out there and vote no.


Because as Charlie Stross says: it’s a revolting proposition. The amendment to the state constitution would add a line stating that only marriage between a man and a woman is recognised in California, preventing future same-sex marriage and rendering any existing same-sex marriages void under California law. There is simply no rational argument for preventing two people who love each other from marrying each other: EVEN if they do BOTH have the same bits. If you believe in freedom, or even just tolerance for people who have done you no harm, you know what to do.

If you’ve read Charlie’s post you’ll understand why it is actually important outside of the US. Legislation of this nature is just BAD, it has unintended consequences and leads people who would otherwise be pleasant nice people to make stupid, crass, cowardly decisions.  In the UK up until 2003 we had section 28 that banned the local authorities from “promoting homosexuality” and led to the majority of schools (whom were never the original target of the act) to avoid the teaching of homosexual issues in schools.

But it was worse than that.

Confused by the myths around the act teachers were unsure what they could or couldn’t say and this led to many refusing or in some cases simply hiding behind the act when confronted with homophobic bullying. I saw this happen to people I was at school with and I even heard a teacher use this excuse at first hand, because on that occasion the person asking for help was me.

Legislation that victimises any minority that does no harm to anyone else is wrong, bad and open to abuse: please, please, vote No to proposition 8.

Slightly Grumpy Edit (the next day):

I’ve had a few meatspace comments about this post that are frankly disappointing and, I’d suggest, show that some do not read things properly. The above post is not about me, it’s about proposition 8 and to be honest focussing on my predilections spectacularly misses the point, as well as ignores any number of posts – including the one directly preceding this onethat should answer any burning questions people might have. I raised section 28 and my own experiences merely to highlight what bad legislation and bigotry can do.



2 responses

4 11 2008

I can’t believe this will pass in California of all places and I hope to God I’m right.

4 11 2008

Yep, fingers crossed.

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