Friday Flash Fiction: Beats

26 12 2008

This post has moved. Read the full story here:

A bit rushed today. I hope you’re all having a good Boxing Day. Here’s this week’s flash:

By Neil Beynon

It was just before dawn when he woke.

The horizon was turning the colour of hot coals as he cast his gaze out of the window at the world beyond. He’d seen sunrises before but this was different somehow, the colours were so bright against the darkness they burned his eyes. Then he remembered. Careful as to not wake the creature still sleeping in the room, its lithe body swaying gently from the ceiling, Frank gathered his few belongings and made his way down the stairs and out of the house.

The town was quiet as Frank made his way down the street to the old stone bridge. He paused, wondering if the water would try to stop him and then chastised himself for listening to old wives’ tales. He was below the view of the horizon now and everything was in shadow. If he looked up he would have seen the tops of the buildings cast in a tawny glow but he did not look up.

This post has moved. Read the full story here:

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4 responses

26 12 2008

Nicely sustained tone and understated delivery.

27 12 2008

Cheers Gareth.

28 12 2008
Bendy Time « The other side of the river

[...] light dusting of reading. Before long Boxing Day swung by and somehow I managed to shoehorn in some flash fiction before going to the football with my brother and dad – it was very cold in the Liberty stadium but [...]

9 01 2009

What Gareth said. Subtle and intimate. It took me a second skim through to put two and two together and click that this is a vampire story!

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