The Future

27 03 2010

My sister found this. I really like it, especially at the moment.

The Room

16 02 2010

My short horror story “The Room” is up now on Tales of the Moonlit Path.

Just thought you might like to know. You know: if you’re interested…

Popping in…

27 11 2009

To point out that David Tallerman lists Crunch amongst his favourites from the recent issue of Ballista.

You can read David’s story, Feeler, and my story, Crunch, in the current and final issue of Ballista.

So yes…urm…no really: I’m this shade normally

23 11 2009

Suffice to say things are not going well.

Word count is around the 25k mark (some way behind) and as for podcasts…well the first chapter is up and the second should go up soon. But I’m not exactly setting the world on fire.

However, I am learning stuff. Just not what I expected. Oh yeah, and you can donate here – it’s in a good cause.

More later.

Eleutheria: Chapter 1

16 11 2009

Time for an update.

It’s now been a little over two weeks since my rash and foolish promise that I would podcast my NaNoWriMo exercise as I went. I confess that I was unsure it was wise at the time and let my general dissatisfaction with progress in general this year goad me into doing it. Furthermore, I admit wholeheartedly that in retrospect this seems like a Bad Idea. This has no doubt been evident to the few people still reading this blog by my reluctance to post the first chapter (now a week and a day overdue).

But a promise is a promise.

I am making the first chapter of Eleutheria available as a podcast and you can subscribe here:

A few things:

- I am still experimenting with set up and so the quality is patchy in places.

- For some reason the hosting company seem to think it’s a video podcast, I will fix this as and when, you should still be able to listen.
- I can’t work out how to make it available as an MP3. As soon as I work it out I will make the files: a) available here and b) in that more accessible format.
- It sounds first drafty because it is.
- Feedback is welcome, insults – as ever – not so much.
- I hope to get better.

Lastly, although this podcast is free, this project is ostensibly for charity. If you enjoy the podcasts; or feel embarrassed for me; or simply feel it’s a good cause I’d really appreciate it if you would consider donating to my chosen charity, MIND.

A donation page can be found here:

About that thing…

13 11 2009

Just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about podcasting and indeed have chapter 1 sat, recorded, on my laptop.

I have two main issues:

1. The quality of the recording (audio wise) isn’t as high as I’d hoped.

2. Hosting the damned thing somewhere where it can cope with a modest number of downloads.

I anticipate this being resolved soon. Bear with me.

In other news: the charity donation page will be for MIND and will run for the entire life of the podcast while I’m out.

Wordcount wise I’m up around 12,000 and way behind. To be back on track I need to do about 13k in 3 days: however, it is the weekend and I do have the next several chapters outlined. All I need now is to get on with it.

Which is where I am going now.


10 11 2009

I’m pleased to point out that Ballista issue 7 is now available to pre-order and contains my short story Crunch.

This is Ballista’s final issue and, while I am naturally biased, it would be nice to send them off in style so please buy one. Hell, buy lots.

You can order them here:



6 11 2009

I am typing this on a train so apologies if the odd typo slips in.

Things have been quiet as the abject terror of what I’d foolishly said I would do settled in. Also, I actually did Stuff this week. In between I’ve been planning, tearing up plans and then planning again.

It’s been fun.

Sometime around Wednesday (shockingly late, I know) a novel poked the first signs of it’s existence into the world. By last night I had clawed back enough word count to still be in this thing (NaNoWriMo). I was right at the brink though, I need to watch this or I could fall too far behind.

I can confirm/remind you that the first podcast will go up Sunday.

In news that will come as no surprise to anyone who has been in my vicinity when I actually write, I have already deviated from the outline. That’s OK. The outline is to help if I get stuck, not a stick to beat myself with – never really been my thing, y’know.

Anyway, I still need to get into five figures by Sunday night and so I’ll leave you for now.

A quick update

3 11 2009

I haven’t had the most auspicious start: three days in and I still haven’t written a word.

On the positive side I have a premise, an outline (chapter level), character descriptions (principles), a backstory and a title (Eleurethia). I will break words either later on or in the morning.

Now I have a title and a rough idea what the story looks like I will knock out a blurb sometime tomorrow for posting Thursday. I’d love to get it live sooner but I am at a concert tomorrow night and will need any spare time pre-work to get my wordcount going.

Remember the first part (in whatever state) goes live Sunday.

Story Acceptance

2 10 2009

I am delighted to shamelessly plug myself by letting you know that my story “The Room” will appear in the Valentine’s Day issue of Tales Of the Moonlit Path. This story was written some time ago and given a final tweak at last year’s Arvon course and I am thrilled it’s found a home.

While I’m at it: a quick reminder that my story “Crunch” will be appearing this year in the Autumn (and final) issue of Ballista.


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