The Paris Incident

31 05 2007

At the sister’s recent nuptials The Paris Incident came up again and a number of people asked what happened. As funny as the incident was in retrospect telling the same story numerous times got old kind of quickly so for those who haven’t heard it. Here is the tale in its gory detail.

Note – No pigeons, French or otherwise, were harmed in the course of this post.

Paris was great but not without incident, it’s me after all and so no trip is drama free. We were in Paris for 2 days and so we went to the Eiffel tower on day one via a long walk from near the station down to Notre-dame then along the Seine. Very nice and the weather was beautiful. The queues were long (over an hour) so we just took some photos from the bottom but then we were accosted by beggars where upon, and quite randomly, G’s drink was stolen by a gypsy. I’m not making this up.

The next day we went to the Louvre which was fantastic, I really enjoyed it and we had an amazing meal in the Louvre Grand. We then (having walked to the Louvre via a different route) headed back to the hotel via the Seine intending to have dinner at one of the brasseries on the way.

Fate it seems had other ideas.

As we crossed the road near Rue St Martins a Pigeon, and there’s no nice way to put this, shat on me, another more accurate way to say it would be to say it shat all over me – on my head, t-shirt, chin, arm – I’m not kidding it was like I was aerially bombarded by every pigeon in Paris.

But wait there’s more…

Having cleaned up utilising the small number of tissues we had and then having to use my T-shirt to finish the job we were still very near the Seine and quite a way from the hotel. I had to walk – topless – through Paris in broad daylight. To make matters worse or in retrospect funnier our hotel was located in the centre of the Parisian gay district, G swears I got “checked out” a couple of times but I suspect she’s just trying to make me feel better.

So that was Paris. I may go back some day. Honest.

To blog or not to blog…

13 05 2007

Well hello there, and welcome to “The other side of the river”.

This is my first entry but stick with me and things should get more interesting or at least a bit funnier, I can usually be relied on to have a disaster with a humorous climax on a fairly regular basis.

The deal is most of you who read this will know me but are in the process of either scattering to the far corners of the world, or in some cases just Surrey, and so this is a useful way of letting people know what is going on with me.

Yes you will see affiliate links here but, given how I earn a crust, would you really expect me not to? Anyway you’ll only find stuff that I genuinely think is good and, usually, that I own myself. Click if you like else ignore.

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Hope you enjoy.