To blog or not to blog…

13 05 2007

Well hello there, and welcome to “The other side of the river”.

This is my first entry but stick with me and things should get more interesting or at least a bit funnier, I can usually be relied on to have a disaster with a humorous climax on a fairly regular basis.

The deal is most of you who read this will know me but are in the process of either scattering to the far corners of the world, or in some cases just Surrey, and so this is a useful way of letting people know what is going on with me.

Yes you will see affiliate links here but, given how I earn a crust, would you really expect me not to? Anyway you’ll only find stuff that I genuinely think is good and, usually, that I own myself. Click if you like else ignore.

Comments welcome, abuse not so much.

Hope you enjoy.




4 responses

3 06 2007

Hi Neil and Gemma, thought your blog was great, very funny. Did you buy a lottery ticket after all that shit. if your lucky don’t forget your aunties!!! Speak to you soon

19 06 2007

hi neil interesting blog you had more fun in paris than we did ,i like the G you use it with such feeling.good way to keep in touch love from your other aunt.

13 05 2008
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