30 07 2007

There has, I regret to report, not been any stories of an amusing variety despite a promising start to a recent luncheon with my sister, S, where I managed to get lost in Cardiff even though I spent a large amount of my late teens driving round the city.

If you feel hard done by in respect of funnies you can read all about what happens when you put Neil G on stage with Jonathan R late at night here. Of course that only really works if you know who they both are but since I do and it’s my blog…well you get the idea.

Alternatively if that don’t do it for you then go play on http://misterpeace.wordpress.com/. If that don’t work may I recommend you get your funny bone checked.

Got your fix? Good, let’s move on.

So here’s how I’ve been spending my time:

– driving up and down the M4 like a Yo Yo
– reading Turn of the screw, Danse Macabre, The Monsters and The Critics, Harry Potter and Madame Bovary (not at the same time obviously)
– eating with S in Cardiff Bay
– sleeping on the folks’ sofa
– working far too much
– writing two short stories (in addition to the flights of fancy you can read on this blog)
– drinking too much at work parties and being generally bemused at the behaviour on display
– drinking too much coffee and shaking in meetings
– failing to get my hair cut (I bent down to tie my shoe laces and someone threw change at me)

This week I will be meeting up with a very old friend (in the sense we have been friends for a long time and not that he is an old fart) which should be fun.

I am also planning a trip to Hong Kong in November. That’s right, they’re actually letting me out of the country again so rest assured there will be plenty of hilarious hijinks to come. If you don’t know what I mean – remember Paris.

Oh and for some reason, I suspect Abbi, I keep singing Spider Pig.



3 responses

30 07 2007
eleanor Say

I keep singing that too, how come i never get mentioned in your blogs ??? Anyway, ‘Spider pig, spider pig, etc…’

30 07 2007

Hmm. A good point. You may regret that. I’m sensing a post all about E. :0)

30 07 2007
D. Peace

Thank you for the plug. 🙂 I appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

Gaiman is always entertaining, funny, and smart. One of my favorite writers and probably the guy I’d pick (either him or Grant Morrison) if I had the option to hang out with any writer in person. Awesome guy.

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