Friday Flash Fiction

31 08 2007

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By Neil Beynon

The rain fell in syncopated rhythm on the uneven shingle shore and hammered mercilessly into the water of the river as the man watched. His hair hung in long dark wet strands around his face and neck, his face a mask oblivious to the storm about him as he bent slowly to drop the flower on the edge of the river.

The rose hung for a moment on the surface as if contemplating the man as he straightened, then finding nothing of interest it shot into the centre of the river, the current carrying it past a piece of rusting scaffolding. The man’s eyes remained on the rusting pipe-work whilst the flower rushed onwards towards the ocean.

This post has moved. You can read it here:

Happy Birthday E

31 08 2007

Apparently some famous bird died ten years today.

You and I know that today has a far more important significance than that. Today we celebrate E’s 24th year on this planet. E has had comedic dramas on three continents, impressive huh?

Happy Birthday E!

PS – E is my sister – I have not embraced narcotics despite all evidence to the contrary.

Space sponsored by Jack Daniels

30 08 2007

Yesterday Nasa announced they were considering limited testing of employees, including astronauts, for alcohol. That’s right astronauts.

Who in their right mind straps themselves to a fuel tank containing 1.68 million pounds of highly explosive fuel in a vessel that’s only protection consists of foam tiles that will be by struck extremely sharp debris during lift off.

Why on earth would they want a drink?


30 08 2007

I recently came across some tracks from Ape, a band I do not know personally although I know someone who does, and they really are rather good.

If you like indie you good do worse than checking it out at:


Life is like a flat pack

29 08 2007

It occurred to me, given the number I have to assemble, that life bears more than a passing resemblance to a flat pack:

  • The instructions are often absent or have no relation to what you are trying to do.
  • You’re never able to do it entirely on your own.
  • You spend at least as much time contorting yourself into odd positions and then trying to get yourself out of them as you do putting things together.
  • The end result often seems arrived at by accident and rarely bares any resemblance to the plan on the box.
  • It will fall apart at the slightest breeze.
  • Everyone else’s looks better than yours.
  • And invariably there are always a few screws loose…


28 08 2007

My suggestion for a themed Friday Flash Fiction went down well. Everyone seemed to be up for it but I’m unsure how to proceed from here – do you want me to suggest one or should we defer to GLP (originator of the meme)?

I think it may be too late for this Friday but how about we shoot for the 7th September…oooh we could do the seventh son? (…kidding it’s on my itunes as I type…).

Anyway answers on a postcard…or better on the comments or on your own blogs if you prefer (I’m easy). If you want me to do it then I’ll post suggestions with my entry this week.

If you’re wondering who I’m talking about the fellow flash fictioneers are:
Gareth D. Jones, Paul Raven, Shaun C. Green, Martin McGrath and the originator Gareth L. Powell. All talented, all well worth a look. Consider yourselves tagged guys 🙂

Incidently any ladies want to join the fray? We’re looking a bit like Gentleman’s only club here.

Meet Desra

27 08 2007

Ok slightly random post but I found something cool (although no doubt others have been there first).

The Golden Compass (eek who renamed Pullman’s masterpiece?) the first installment of Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials Trilogy is due out later this year. Lord knows what the filmic world will do to Pullman’s biting but enjoyable attack on C.S.Lewis however the marketing bods have hit on the obvious but nonetheless cool idea of a daemon generator.

Clearly I had to try it.

Meet Desra my daemon:


I was prepared for something uncool, a skunk maybe but instead I got a snow leopard. Cool. G was impressed anyway.