Friday Flash Fiction

30 11 2007

This post has moved. You can read the full story here:

Ok. I’m angry. Really Angry. I wrote the blog and story that follows on Friday, I posted it, I saw it live. I come home tonight from a great night out with friends to discover not only do I have no traffic from it but the damn thing is no longer up.

Now I know I posted. I know because it appeared. Albeit briefly in my facebook feed. This is the second time in as many weeks things have gone awry on here. If there’s another I’ll have to move, I simply can’t have things not going live when I post them.

So on the off chance anyone will actually read this now it’s late, here it is:

My short story “The House” will be appearing in Aphelion online from the 2nd December, also appearing in the same issue will be a story by fellow Friday Flash Fictioneer Gareth Powell.

And so this week is a linked Friday Flash – not part of the story you understand but linked. To find out how go to Aphelion sometime in December. Enjoy:

By Neil Beynon

I’ve never liked attics.

They’ve always been strange dusty places, an afterthought of space, tacked onto the top of houses. Like someone built the house and realised they had a bit left over.

You can convert them: lay floors, construct false walls, even place windows into the roof but they’re still not rooms. They’re attic rooms and loft rooms. You cannot escape their oddness: the walls at crazy diagonals, the lobotomized ceiling. Space just not intended to be used.

This post has moved. You can read the full story here:



9 responses

1 12 2007

Again with the goosebumps. I hope you’re happy. 🙂

1 12 2007

Thanks Justin. I was pleased with this week’s story as it was, I feel, a bit better than my last couple of entries.

FFF is the most popular feature on my blog and so I was disappointed it didn’t go live when intended.

5 12 2007
Ella B

Fantastic, but again, creepy!
Great work! 🙂

5 12 2007

Thanks Ella, glad you liked it.

7 12 2007
Blocked « The other side of the river

[…] here’s a link to be getting on with while I try to remove the worst case of writer’s block I’ve had […]

7 12 2007

“Creepy” is this week’s byword!

A nice piece though I don’t quite follow it. Looks like I’ll have to chase up those missing pieces in Aphelion.

“There’s a reason they put mad women there.”

Do you mean… “used to”? Or is this story set some way back? It sounds fairly now…

Incidentally, I live in a converted attic – low and sloped ceilings, weird angles, loud wind and funny windows ahoy!

7 12 2007
Paul Raven

Regarding the vanishing post issues – are you running the latest version of WordPress? The CRON settings on the older ones can be a bit bolshy with scheduled posts from time to time … either that, or your hosting provider had to restore from backups that were made before that post was made.

Bloody good story, BTW. My favourite so far.

7 12 2007
Friday Flash Fiction « The other side of the river

[…] Friday Flash Fiction 7 12 2007 So continuing my up-to-the-wire approach to deadlines I have managed to cobble together a Friday Flash Entry. It’s a bit grim, and if you missed last weeks please do check it out. […]

7 12 2007

Thanks Shaun and Paul for the kind words.

I think the posting issue may just have been bad luck with me posting as the site was having a bit of a wobble as it seems to be fine now.

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