Friday Flash Fiction: Eyes

11 01 2008

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By Neil Beynon

She broke my heart.

No not like that. I’m not completely naive, it’s just you pay for a service and you expect it to be done properly, to standard. You pay the kind of money I did, you expect gold standard.

Not this squalid indignity. My recovery beacon’s been going for hours now. It’s only a matter of time and they’ll be banging down the door. Sure it’ll be embarrassing. The leopard skin was obviously a mistake as were the chains, not that I could move now if I wanted to.

All I really wanted was the experience. Not much to ask really? And well, it’s illegal isn’t it – to not tell them and once you have well it’s adios amigo, get yourself gone Ron, etc, etc. So I saved. And I saved. And ok I made a small robbery – low risk, they just give you an inhibitor for a while – no terminations.

This post has moved. You can see the full post here:



7 responses

11 01 2008

Interesting piece, nicely written – though I’m not sure if I get the significance of the eyes.

11 01 2008

Nicely paced, I thought. Not too much exposition. And a beliveable narrative voice. Good stuff.

11 01 2008
Greg O'Byrne

I kept having a feeling like it was a cross between “MInority Report” and “AI”.

Question for you Niel: How do I get officially signed up into the Friday Flash Fiction group.

11 01 2008

Thanks guys.

Greg – There’s no official sign up. You just post a piece of flash fiction on a Friday on your blog. Most of us tend to post the words Friday Flash Fiction or FFF preceeding the title but, as far as I know, it’s not a rule. Have fun.

If you wanted to check out other participants, and they’re very talented so it’s worth it, the links follow:
Shaun C. Green
Gareth D. Jones
Martin McGrath
Dan Pawley
Justin Pickard
Gareth Lyn Powell (Originator)
Paul Raven

13 01 2008
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15 01 2008

Nicely written, this, with a very strong sensual quality

19 02 2011
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