Friday Flash Fiction: Tinman

15 02 2008

This post has now moved here: . Precis of the post follows:

Ok. Another experiment this week. I’m not sure it works but I thought I’d give a hyperlink story a go. Urm, let me know what you think:

By Neil Beynon

May 30th 2020
Tinman Day: Never forget
Posted by Dr Yoshi Takado…

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9 responses

15 02 2008
Clive Birnie

Really enjoyed this Neil. I am left with the sense of a bigger story and I am full of questions.

15 02 2008

I like this Neil. I think I’m going to have to read it again, just to take it all in. But I like it.

16 02 2008

really interesting. To my mind, the only flaw is that each link is on the same Other Side of the River template, and the homogeneity spoils the effect a little bit. But I don’t expect you to build four new websites just for one piece of flash! Good story though.

16 02 2008

Thanks guys, glad you liked it

Dan: I think this may become something larger, if it does it will almost certainly involve a fuller online installation. In its current form I’m not sure it fully gets to where I wanted to go.

If that makes any sense.

19 02 2008

This is a really interesting piece, I like it a lot. You really nailed the Wikipedian tone in that substory!

19 02 2008

Very nice, read it on the link from your post at Whatever, good work, i hope you expand it. My only crit is the bit about the UN and supersoldier fears in the wiki article didn’t work for me.

20 02 2008

Thanks for dropping by Owen, and cheers for the feedback.

20 02 2008

Oh, wow. I like it.

Thanks for a great little read. 🙂

13 05 2009
Now we are two « The other side of the river

[…] Columbo Villain of the week); there are 79 pieces of free fiction available on the blog, of which Tinman is currently the highest trafficked; 1085 comments have been made off 507 posts and views currently […]

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