Friday Flash Fiction: Pockets

14 03 2008

This post has moved. The full story can be read at:

On the back of today’s announcement I feel almost deflated posting this week’s entry. It didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had when the idea first occurred but with the final draft of The Woodsman well underway (we just met the Tream) this is all I’ve got.

And of course wodwo is not something I’ve made up for fun but has been used by writers more successful and talented than I, at least one of whom is also called Neil.

Still, there are some nice bits in there that I’m pleased with and I hope you enjoy regardless:

By Neil Beynon

“Pete…Pete Riley…hey Pete!” called a voice, it was close and followed by a hand that gripped his arm with an alacrity that left marks, finger marks: one, two, three, embedded in Pete’s forearm.

Pete smelt the tramp before his profile, largely nose and hair, spun into view. The tramp’s beard was a long wiry stratum dotted with the occasional detritus of food, or was it sick? His breath could have taken the paint off the near by traffic. His large, torn overcoat gave undertones of wet carpet and lurking behind it: the scent of ammonia ready to strip the lining from the back of his throat.

This post has moved. The full story can be read at:

Breaking news: Illuminations

14 03 2008

Ok, so I promised news. And here it is. Odd Two Out Publishing has announced the imminent release of Illuminations, a new anthology of the weird and wonderful in very short fiction featuring, amongst others, me.

From Odd Two Out:

ILLUMINATIONS: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology

Illuminations Cover

ISBN 978-0-9558662-0-3

ILLUMINATIONS is a new anthology from small press Odd Two Out Publishing showcasing original, cutting edge short fiction from eight up-and-coming young British writers.

When British author Gareth L Powell started adding short weekly pieces of flash fiction to his website back in July 2007, he didn’t expect anyone else to take much notice.

But soon there were seven other writers doing likewise – Paul Graham Raven, Gareth D Jones, Martin McGrath, Dan Pawley, Justin Pickard, Me, and Shaun C Green. Together, they have become known as the Friday Flash Fictioneers.

Flash fiction stories are complete short stories told in fewer than 1,000 words. Quoting from his introduction to the anthology, Gareth L Powell says:

“Adhering to this restricted format can be a valuable exercise for a writer. It’s often a lot trickier than it looks. You have to make every word count. Every thing in the story has to be doing something because there just isn’t room for extraneous waffle.”

The Friday Flash Fictioneers come from diverse walks of life – musicians, office workers, freelance journalists, students, magazine editors – and this new anthology collects together the best of their weekly output.

Edited by Paul Graham Raven, the pieces range from mainstream literature to far-out speculation; from horror to humour; from outright fantasy to straight-faced space opera.

All the stories in ILLUMINATIONS are published under a Creative Commons licence that permits them to be reproduced in the public domain as long as no profit is made in the process.

Copies of ILLUMINATIONS: The Flash Fiction Anthology will be available to order for £6.99 from Odd Two Out Publishing, or from the authors themselves. All profits from the sale of ILLUMINATIONS will be donated to the NSPCC.

Alternatively, The Fictioneers will be running a flash fiction workshop as part of Orbital 2008, the British Science Fiction convention held at the Raddisson Hotel, Heathrow over the Easter weekend. Convention-goers are invited to come along to quiz the team and have a go at writing their own extremely short fiction.


So there you go. It’s all very exciting and slightly surreal.

Today’s Friday Flash will be winging its way to you around 1pm.