The Woodsman: Update 6

19 03 2008

Quick update. There’ll be more later today of more general interest.

I just finished the rewrite on Chapter five and am a little over a third of the way through now, just reaching the areas of the story where genuine, full on heavy lifting is required. It gets a little bit tricky from here on in.

So far, I’ve developed the early part of the book enough to raise the word count by a few thousand but not, interestingly, as much as I thought. So where are we you ask?

Ok, you didn’t ask.

Anya and The Woodsman are both “on camera”, our villain(s) have made a couple of appearances and the Tream have been hawling their bare green arses across a few scenes as well. After the light and fluffy opening (yes I’m being sarcastic) we’re now fixed to get really dark.

Should be fun.