20 03 2008

Just a quick one. Time has gotten a little away from me in the last forty-eight hours. It happens.

The heavy hinting over Tuesday’s activities was because one of my suppliers took me out to dinner at The Ivy. This will mean little to people outside of the UK but it’s one of the most exclusive restaurants in London and nigh on impossible to get into. And for a year now I’ve been walking past it on my way home, it was nice to finally get a peak inside.

I had hoped for a good celeb story out of it but we were in the function room upstairs and so not much opportunity for that. There are really subtle differences that let you know you’re somewhere out of the ordinary. Not least of which is the food – absolutely fantastic.

Save for this weird potato crisp thing that I couldn’t bring myself to like.

Anyway, that was part of a very long customer day. Yesterday was also very supplier focussed only without any of the expensive food and yes today I have more of the same.

But it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because by tonight I’ll be ensconced in a hotel room ready for the Eastercon kick off tomorrow. I went through the programme last night noting down the sessions I want to go to and making sure I know when the other Friday Flash Fictioneers and myself are on. In addition to the guests of honour (Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Tanith Lee, Charlie Stross and Rog Peyton) there are some other mighty familiar names including Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Joe Abercrombie and Liz Williams amongst others.

I can’t wait.

Actually I’m going on a bit now. Suffice to say the review of Spin will be live this evening and I will be live blogging where I can this weekend. At a minimum I will be twittering – you can either follow that on the side bar here on Twitter direct.

Ta ta for now.