First you, then the world…

30 03 2008

lol rat

They’re coming for you, oh yes…(photo courtesy of G)


30 03 2008

Apparently today is the 30th March. Constant readers will know this was meant to be my self-imposed deadline for finishing The Woodsman.

I haven’t hit it, have no chance of hitting it given I’ve only got as far as the end of chapter six, but it’s not all a lost cause. Having the deadline in mind has spurred me on and I’m learning loads -mostly by mistakes admittedly. I’ve also really enjoyed the process of teasing out the themes and fixing the problems of earlier drafts. That I can see what needs to be done to finish it helps.

Most importantly what’s been done to date is better than what went before.

So new deadline.

It took me around eight weeks to get to chapter six and I have around seven to go but I also have other short story projects backing up…let’s go for June 15th. No particular reason other than I’d like to have it finished in time for the Arvon course I’m attending in July.

Anyway, chapter seven beckons…