Friday Flash Fiction: Between the Breakers

29 05 2009

This post has now moved. You can read it here:

Between the breakers
By Neil Beynon

He wobbles across the uneven rocks, scattered like broken teeth across the beach, until he reaches the smooth compressed sand beyond. He pauses for a moment, turns to look back at the cliffs behind him. If he is looking for something he does not find it on those rocky peaks looming large.

The tide is out and it takes him a little while to reach the edge of the ocean. He walks between the twin rows of breakers that line either side of his path like watery sentinels. He does not pause as he steps into the water, heedless of the cold saltwater on his shoes and trousers: it is not the first time he has done this. He wades out further into the water, ignoring the persistent slapping of the waves that almost push him back and his breath coming in short sharp breaths…

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5 responses

30 05 2009

I want to know more…

6 06 2009

Beautifully written, Neil. I want to know more as well – there’s a lot hinted at here that I’m curious about.

8 06 2009

Cheers guys.

16 06 2009

I am interested in this – where do you post an entry. And what are the restrictions, if any. We also have a FFF, however it generally is in a totally different area of fantasy – rules are: several provided keywords must be used in the story, have to start some time Friday and post within 24 hours, and the story must be less than 250 words.

Thanks for some enjoyable SF – I’ve been away from even reading the stuff for quite a while.

19 06 2009

@PapaTomLA – In the variation I participate in (started by SF writer Gareth L Powell) participants post a piece of flash (<1k) on a Friday on their own blogs. Other than that there are no rules, although typically we do periodically link to each other.

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