Near yet far

31 03 2010

I didn’t quite hit my deadline.

As of two minutes ago I did finish the major rewrite on The Scarred God’s fifth draft. However, strictly speaking it will need a line edit; a continuity check; and probably a slight trim for length. These will probably be quite quick passes, throttled only by my need to read the thing out loud to line edit it as at this stage it’s the only way I will spot problems, and I will probably finish in around two weeks time. And as I said before: then I really am done on this one.*

Nearly there.

* Unless someone pays me.

The Future

27 03 2010

My sister found this. I really like it, especially at the moment.

The week that was: treading water

14 03 2010

Actually on time with this for once.


I’ve been really dreadful at keeping track of the news lately. I see that the UK government continues to show itself as technically illiterate lobby responding halfwits with the hacked about and totally unworkable digital rights bill. Personally I’d quite like the people legislating to actually understand the medium they are passing law on but, you know, I’m funny like that. Election fever continues to grow in the UK even though Brown looks set to leave it to the last minute to set a date and no one seems to realise the parties have no actual policies.It’s enough to keep my head down and away from the press.


It’s been interesting to watch Apple, Google and Microsoft squaring up for what feels like a new phase in their corporate celebrity death match. Bing’s new ads have started rolling out in the UK but haven’t – as far as I can see – had much impact. Meanwhile Google seem to be making in-roads on mobile but Apple have such a lead now – especially on usability – many speculate Android will have difficult moving beyond the tech sphere. What’s certain is mobile internet has now entered that high proliferation phase where browsing habits shift permanently with all the inherent new challenges that presents. It’s going to be  a fun couple of years.


I’ve been reading outside of genre (don’t gasp at the back, I read wide, sometimes). “Foe” by J.M.Coatze (award winning author don’t you know) is a riff on Robinson Crusoe and a fairly trippy, dream like novel, that I cribbed off my sister once. I enjoyed it although I think it had technical problems with the structure that occasionally took me out of the narrative. I suspect it’s best enjoyed – given the length – in one sitting.


During the week I only managed a minimum amount of words on The Scarred God (I’m working the final, final draft). However, this weekend has afforded me some free time that has enabled me to crank through another three thousand words of new material and a bit of polishing on stuff I retained. I am very near the end of the major rewrites and with in a gnat’s hair of the last line edit. I finish on March 31st – whatever. I have too many other stories to work on. The plan is to either a) submit to agents (if I think it’s commercial and good) or b) issue as either an audiobook or e-book (if I think it’s good but not commercial) or c) trunk (if it’s not upto par).

To keep me honest if I trunk it I will burn one hard copy and pass all digital files to G for safe keeping.


I appear to have injured myself. I’m not sure how but I have pulled my trap and so have been walking around like an old man most of the week hence no gym time. On the positive side I did watch my food levels and I dropped some weight. I’m hoping this week goes better.

That’s it for this week. I suspect their will be more next week simply by virtue of the fact I have actual Stuff planned and, of course, Eastercon looms.

Post Binge

7 03 2010

I’m done.

All told I covered off two chapters and rewrote around 6k. My brain hurts.

On the plus side – because you have to take breaks to let the brain catch up – I also managed to finish some reading and some other bits and bobs. In terms of The Scarred God the end is now in sight and even if the week goes screwy like the last few I have another clear weekend to clear off the remaining major rewrites. Once done I will not be touching this one again (unless someone buys it) with all feedback going into new projects.

It’s funny, once upon a time I could churn out 10k in two days without too much difficulty. I’m not sure if the slowing down is an awareness of quality (I definitely sense when I’m banging out drivel now) or just me getting a bit slower.

Anyhow: a productive weekend. How was yours?

The Cove

6 03 2010

I just got done watching The Cove.

I am not editing my response. I don’t think I have the objectivity to do a proper review. You should try and watch the film if you can.

The trailer is here:

I’ve seen dolphins in the wild (New Zealand) and I’ve also seen them in captivity (Florida). And once you have seen the former you feel very guilty about the later. You have to be a very special kind of stupid not to be able to see the intelligence and obvious sentience in these animals. While the film does dwell on a range of issues why the gratuitous killing of Dolphins should be stopped, the most basic and overwhelming reason is that killing sentient beings is wrong.

You can find out more here.

One more thing…

6 03 2010

I saw this on my iPhone and haven’t got round to posting it.

I find celebrity charity songs increasingly repugnant and false but this one has enough interesting performers, genuine sentiment and rough charm to make me even crotchety me think it’s fun.

(via Warren “Stabbity” Ellis)


6 03 2010

So I’m home alone this weekend.

I’m planning a writing binge starting…well…now. By nature I am more of a binge writer preferring to do long stretches punctuated by alternate bursts of similarly binge-tastic reading periods. The necessity of keeping a roof over my head has, in recent years, forced me to learn to write in shorter bursts but I still prefer my default method for beginnings and endings of longer works.

I have around four chapters to rewrite (which will probably push them to six chapters). Let’s see how much I can get done.

NB – Posts over the weekend are likely to be very writing orientated and/or random.