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10 10 2007
Matt Wells

Neil – I am very sorry for cornering you like this, I found your details on LinkedIn. I work for a company called Autodesk, I know it sounds like a removal firm but we are actually a rather successful software house – have you heard of AutoCad? well thats one our babies and we have many more really cool 2d and 3d design software packages – some great example here http://download.autodesk.com/us/aboutautodesk/overview/ADSK_final_480.wmv

We currently have a opening for a Database Marketing Specialist, based in Farnborough, Hampshire which in essence is responsible for finding the right business opportunities by doing data-mining in our existing customer base and in relevant external databases.

Is this something you might be interested in or alternatively if you know of anyone who might be interested then it would be great to hear from you.



4 01 2008

Getting job offers online are you bro? You never know hollywood may be next!lol give e a ring

4 01 2008

He he. I live in hope.

Ladies and Gents: my brother R.

8 02 2008
Friday Flash Fiction « r i v e t

[…] like Neil says, what’s all this then?  Well I write.  I blog.  I looked around for a […]

7 03 2008


16 04 2008

Hey Neil,

If you get a moment (I know you’re a busy guy), shoot me an email. I have something I want to run by you. If you don’t get an email about this comment that you can reply to, just leave me a comment on my blog and I’ll get back to you.



2 03 2009
Ed Darrell

Hey, are you any relation to that wild Welshman Roger Beynon who used to live in Fort Worth, Texas? I’d sure like to find out where he is these days. One of the funniest guys I ever worked with. One of the best men I ever worked with, too.

2 03 2009

@Ed – afraid not. Or at least not that I’m aware.

16 03 2009

Haha, cool bio.

14 04 2009
Alex Beynon

ah! a fellow beynon,
its is quite true that we are shorter than everyone else.

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