The Future

27 03 2010

My sister found this. I really like it, especially at the moment.

The Cove

6 03 2010

I just got done watching The Cove.

I am not editing my response. I don’t think I have the objectivity to do a proper review. You should try and watch the film if you can.

The trailer is here:

I’ve seen dolphins in the wild (New Zealand) and I’ve also seen them in captivity (Florida). And once you have seen the former you feel very guilty about the later. You have to be a very special kind of stupid not to be able to see the intelligence and obvious sentience in these animals. While the film does dwell on a range of issues why the gratuitous killing of Dolphins should be stopped, the most basic and overwhelming reason is that killing sentient beings is wrong.

You can find out more here.

One more thing…

6 03 2010

I saw this on my iPhone and haven’t got round to posting it.

I find celebrity charity songs increasingly repugnant and false but this one has enough interesting performers, genuine sentiment and rough charm to make me even crotchety me think it’s fun.

(via Warren “Stabbity” Ellis)


11 02 2010

The week has got away from me a bit.

Here’s some music to tide you over:

It’s cheesy but, so help me, I like it.

Dance While The Sky Crashes Down

21 01 2010

Some music for this evening:

Billie Jean

11 07 2009

Because I like Amanda Palmer and the song rather than anything else.

I’m only a few years younger than Amanda and Jason and was, like them, a fan of Thriller and Bad when I was youngster. However, I note that my childhood record collection also included a former soap star currently on stage in the West End and his diminutive co-star from said soap.

So childhood me: not such the music aficionado.

Anyhow, this is one of Amanda’s better covers. I still think it needs some drums.

A kind of magic

30 06 2009

Because I miss Freddie more than I will miss Michael:

Also, in the rest of world: shit is happening. Just saying.