5 11 2008

Obama won, America believes in itself again and the world breathes a sigh of relief.

The real miracle of course starts in January with a very steep hill for the incoming President to climb but lets hope the fallout from this can be dealt with quickly, the world needs to get back to work on minimising less pleasant events. Like the Congo.

Still, I’m grinning.

Election night

5 11 2008

My fun late show video on youtube got pulled, annoyingly. I guess whoever uploaded it didn’t have permission.

Anyway, up late watching the amusingly pro-Obama coverage and so far the big guy is winning although it’s as early as it is late, if you see what I mean. I’m surprised how many people outside the US are following it.

People really do want change.

Also, Fox just called Ohio for Obama. Someone spiked my coffee right?

Keeping things in perspective

4 11 2008

You gotta laugh, even if it is nervously whilst flicking back and for between news sites:


30 10 2008

OK, this is doing the rounds but I thought some readers may not have seen it yet. Comedy gold.

The original advert:

The eight years on US Election reunion:

This one comes via Joe, if you haven’t checked out his fiction you really should. One of the finest short story writers working today and his first novel is pretty good as well.